HKTID License

Hong Kong: Import License Support

05 . 24 . 17

Need to import encryption technology into Hong Kong? No problem.

A global insurance provider was performing an international refresh and needed to buy CISCO and EMC hardware for their offices in Hong Kong. They received a quote to purchase directly in Hong Kong but also sourced a quote from their preferred US partner with FGX managing the logistics and compliance. Our client realized that they would save approximately 15% by sourcing the equipment in the USA and then deploying it to Hong Kong.

As soon as the PO was placed, FGX made preparations to file the strategic commodities licenses required by the Hong Kong government for all dual-use items (ECCN: 5A002) entering the country.

FGX managed the process of sourcing the documentation, filling in most of the requirements for our client and coordinating with our client’s Hong Kong office to ensure that everything was filed expeditiously with the Hong Kong Trade & Industry Department (HKTID).

The application had to be approved before any of the equipment arrived in the port of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). The consequences of not managing the process carefully are delays of up to 30 business days as well as hefty fines and a flag against the importer.

FGX completed the entire HKTID application process as the manufacturer was building the custom equipment. Managing this process in parallel ensures that there were no delays once the gear was ready for export. Typically HKTID licenses are approved in 10-14 business days.

Upon receipt of the approved application, FGX packed the shipment for safe transport and managed direct air freight into Hong Kong. Our customs team managed the clearance within a few hours of the flight’s arrival and FGX arranged for last mile delivery to ensure that our door to door transit time was under 3 business days, once the application was approved.

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