Step 1/3

Buy your hardware in the US from your preferred vendor.

Before you buy, we'll also help you work through all the international specifics, like making sure you have in-country compliant equipment. For us to put together a quote, we'll need a list of what you're buying, the origination and destination address.

Step 2/3

Have the hardware sent to FGX’s facility.

After you place your order with your vendor, have the hardware sent to our facility. If you need integration done prior to it coming to FGX, you or your preferred partner can manage that. Once integrated, we'll pick it up.

Step 3/3

Tell us when you’d like the hardware delivered.

We'll manage everything completely door-to-door from our facility. You'll receive daily updates from our team and our live tracking portal. We'll keep you updated on any changes as soon as they happen.


You'll receive a notification that everything is delivered.

It's that easy. You'll get your equipment there exactly when you need it and in the most cost effective way possible.

You may be thinking to yourself, so FGX stages and ships the hardware internationally? Are they just a shipping company that can do integration?

Shipping companies are not built to support this specific commodity globally. IT infrastructure is heavily regulated by strict import laws. Shipping companies only deal with the logistical movement of the commodity. They can’t import the commodity into the country nor manage the international trade requirements, let alone deliver to your site. FGX deploys this commodity door-to-door. We manage all the tax, customs, compliance, and legal requirements. All our services support the management and movement of this specific commodity. FGX is a one-stop shop for the commercial and physical management of IT hardware.