Export IT Gear from Brazil to Colombia

Importer of Record Brazil Colombia

FGX facilitated a cross-border transfer of IT gear between Brazil and Colombia. The client re-purposed existing equipment, saving time & money.


In order to standup a new office in Bogota, Colombia, our client needed to transfer used equipment from their regional head office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They wanted a solution to quickly and safely export infrastructure equipment including storage, networking, and compute hardware out of Brazil to an office they were expanding in Bogota, Colombia.

Given the complexity of South American customs procedures, FGX worked closely with the client to set them up with a RADAR license, necessary to export the equipment out of Brazil. FGX provided and IOR service in order to procure the import authorizations from Colombian customs to import the used goods.

The Challenge:

Our client was looking to support a rapidly growing South American office with surplus equipment from an office in a neighboring country. Both Brazil and Colombia pose unique customs clearance challenges for both the export and import of technology equipment. Our client was posed with the problem of procuring desperately needed gear locally in Colombia or finding a way to reuse the existing technology by transferring it across the border. Due to the relatively low value of the equipment (under $25,000 US), the cross-border solution would have to make economic sense.

The Plan:

The equipment needed to be installed within 3 weeks so FGX’s expert project management team built a timeline to ensure that the gear could be packed, export cleared, flown, import cleared and delivered in advance of the install date. Brazilian customs requires that companies participating in international trade become RADAR registered.

Since the client was not registered, FGX assisted them with the registration process and provided customs brokerage services to facilitate the transaction. After the export clearance paperwork was obtained, a direct flight from Sao Paulo to Bogota was booked, ensuring the quickest transit time possible.

The Execution:

FGX coordinated with customs agents in both countries prior to export to make sure documentation was approved in advance. This was especially important given that used equipment requires additional import licenses in order to be cleared into Colombia.

Once the documentation was approved, FGX arranged for soft-packing of the used items using anti-static bubble wrap and foam to ensure safe transit of the equipment. The shipment was flown directly to Bogota and the used equipment license was procured on arrival. Customs clearance was completed within 5 business days and the shipment was made available to the client ahead of their desired install date.

The Result:

FGX’s understanding of South American customs procedures enabled the client to repurpose used infrastructure hardware, saving them time and money.