Datacenter Deployment to Amsterdam & Frankfurt from the USA

Centralized Procurement Frankfurt

Consolidating Purchasing Power in the US Saved the Client $500,000 in CAPEX and Streamlined the Deployment Process


An AMLAW 50 law firm needed to upgrade two European data centers located in Frankfurt and Amsterdam as well as purchase hardware for their US offices. By consolidating international and domestic spend and working with their preferred domestic [US-based] VAR, the client was able to secure quarter-end pricing with the manufacturer that saved them about a half million dollars.

To ensure the international deployments were executed smoothly, the law firm called upon FGX to receive the equipment, arrange door-to-door logistics, and manage the customs clearance into the EU. Once the bill of materials for each deployment was finalized, FGX ran both cost & compliance simulations to ensure the client had a clear understanding of the costs involved as well as if any import/export licensing would be needed prior to shipping these dual-use networking & compute products.

After the orders had been placed, FGX centrally managed the deployment with our integrated service portal. Stake-holders from the law firm, VAR, and manufacturer could track the whereabouts of each device at the serial number level. As each device arrived at FGX’s export facility, the packing list was scanned in and a photo of the manufacturer’s label was uploaded to our secure portal.

FGX’s IATA membership allows us to tender shipments on cargo & commercial aircraft flying direct to the destination city. When the client gave us the green light to ship, we booked cargo on a direct passenger flight from JFK to FRA. The hardware was at the destination and ready for customs clearance the next business day.

As the client had a business entity in Germany, FGX was able to consolidate the hardware destined for both Amsterdam and Frankfurt into a single shipment that cleared customs in Frankfurt. FGX completed all of the customs clearance procedures within 1 business day of arrival and arranged dedicated trucks to deliver to the data centers.

Data center delivery tickets were requested by FGX in advance, and the deliveries were completed without any delay. Total transit time was 4 business days door-to-door.

Centralized Procurement


The “Buy Local – Ship Global” model allows you to centralize your procurement and leverage your domestic US buying power and vendor relationships to maximize hardware discounts. The model reduces CapEx costs while allowing you to procure identical equipment and software for all of your international locations.

Once procured, you can configure and burn-in the hardware under one roof, before shipping it out, further saving time and reducing project management (soft) costs. Global organizations that choose to self-manage the international fulfillment process see the cost and time savings of buying in the US.

However, a shipping partner with specific knowledge and experience will be able to manage the process faster and more efficiently. Speaking with IT managers and procurement teams, we know there’s strong interest to buy domestically.

In some cases they have tried to manage the process themselves but have experienced logistical problems, long customs delays, and exposure to compliance risks. Shipping IT hardware internationally is complex and very few have the experience needed to make the project a success.

FGX’s global import/export platform has been built from the ground up to provide a turn-key solution to IT managers, procurement teams, and channel partners for deploying technology hardware in over 135 international markets. FGX makes every international deployment as simple as a domestic one, fully managing all aspects of the international logistics, customs clearance, and import/export compliance process.

FGX is not only a logistics carrier, but a team of project management experts that will take ownership of your deployment post-sale to drive the project to completion. From manifesting the equipment down to the serial number, to ensuring a ticket is booked prior to a data center delivery, and even arranging smart hands support for cabling to power-on, FGX has you covered for any special handling requirements.

Reach out to FGX today to discuss how the “Buy Local – Ship Global” model can save you time & money while taking the hassle out of your next international deployment.

Centralized Procurement