Support your global IT infrastructure from the US. Deploy your hardware whenever you'd like, to wherever you require it.

Have complete control over how you materially handle, deploy, procure, and manage tax.

The Process →


Reduce your international IT hardware CAPEX by 8 to 12%.

It is less expensive to procure all your hardware in the US and deploy through the FGX platform. There is a commodity price arbitrage opportunity here when compared to buying hardware in each of the global markets where you operate.

Decrease the amount of vendors your business must manage globally.

You shouldn't need to use multiple VARs for each international market that you operate in. Instead, work with a handful of vendors to consolidate your spend in the US. By reducing the amount of international vendors you manage, your OPEX costs will decrease as well.

Configure, asset-tag, and manage all other integration in the US prior to the equipment landing in-country.

By decreasing the number of entities that have access to your infrastructure, you increase your security and control. Additionally, standing up hardware in your global environment is as simple as having smart-hands resources power it on!

Designate the exact date for when you want the hardware to arrive in-country at the datacenter.

We understand how difficult it is to project manage your international infrastructure upgrades. FGX puts you in a position to be predictably and reliably meet all your deployment deadlines worldwide.

Consolidate and store purchases from multiple vendors.

FGX acts as your global storage and transfer station regardless of where the commodity is coming from or through. Instead of having multiple vendors deliver to the end-destination at different times, you can now have your compute, storage, network, end-user tech, etc. arrive together.

Get billed in the US or in any country you prefer.

If your tax and procurement teams have in-country incentives that they want to take advantage of, we can set up the commercial transactions in a way that best achieves those goals. Alternatively, if you simply want to manage balance sheet asset transfers, we can advise you on best practices.