About - FGX

We're an IT hardware deployment firm that’s laser-focused on helping your company take control of your international IT procurement.

By working with FGX to leverage the Centralized Procurement model, you'll save time and money while achieving total sourcing freedom.

  • We believe companies should have the freedom to ask why. By asking why, we discovered that companies didn't have to buy their hardware in the international market - even though that was what they were told.

    We discovered that by procuring in one central location and deploying it globally, it was cheaper, faster, and more secure for end-users. Our mission is to help end-users centralize as much of their procurement as possible.

  • Project Management

    International Logistics

    Importer of Record

    Trade Compliance

    Deal Consulting

  • First Global Xpress is an international logistics company that has built a specialty in shipping technology hardware into 155+ countries. For over 18 years, we’ve become more focused on delivering services the technology market desperately needs.

    We’ve seen a need for a holistic logistics and customs compliance solutions in high-tech hardware, including but not limited to IT infrastructure, broadcast equipment, satellite communication technology, biotech, and end-user technology (laptops, iPads, etc.).

  • Be Independent: Deliver information and services that are devoid of any conflicts of interest. Always say and do what's best for our clients.

    Follow First Order Principles: Push to understand the truth behind any situation, putting what's possible in front of the client instead of what's preferred by the Channel.

  • Guide Our Customers: Deploying technology hardware and navigating international trade isn’t easy, it’s complicated. That’s why we pride ourselves in giving our customers the visibility and understanding they deserve.

    Provide Timely Service: Technology hardware is mission-critical. That’s why we give daily updates and respond to emails within 12 hours.

    Be Succinct and Accurate: Our clients want to be productive; we make sure every email and phone call counts.

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