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International Shipping: All You Need to Know

Companies shipping materials internationally are often subjected to the inefficiencies of the legacy hub-and-spoke shipping model. Packages traveling overseas through hub-and-spoke carriers follow long and circuitous routes designed more for the convenience of the carrier than for speed or efficiency, and must endure multiple sortings and flights en route. As a result, the traditional hub-and-spoke shipping model, when used for international shipments, presents problems such as transit inefficiencies, slow delivery times, higher-than-necessary costs, and measurable, avoidable environmental impact. Direct shipping solutions exist that eliminate these issues, and offer customers a quick, efficient, less expensive, and cleaner way to ship goods internationally.

This paper will explore the advantages of using direct shipping methods for goods bound for international destinations. Learn what you need to know now!

International_Shipping_All_You _Need_to-Know

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