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FGX is made of people, in turn, our clients are people. People, like services, have goals and people make recommendations.

Below are examples of people testifying to the value that FGX has deliverered to them personally. Should you be interested in reading about how FGX helps a firm/company in general check out our case studies.


Bernard Evans, HBO (www.hbo.com), The premier cable channel

Switching Over
“What impressed me about FGX was the personality, the frankness, and the confidence of the company. It really moved me to give them a shot. We’ll give five to ten packages a week to a lot of companies, and we’ll wean a lot of them out. But Justin really sold me on FGX and its professionalism.

We work with a lot of producers, directors, production people, and staff. Certain departments may have their own preferences, but the new client offer from FGX overcame a lot of the concerns.

FGX did the first two runs for free. That’s how confident they are. And they delivered.”

“I like FGX because they get my packages there with fewer problems. There’s never a problem. The communication is good, and there are always emails coming in saying where it’s at. Now it’s in customs, now it’s on the truck, etc. We work with producers who are working on the finishing touches on programs that have to get on the air. And they often don’t release until very, very late. So once editing is done, we need to ship on the next flight out. FGX is always there, and FGX always gets it there. They deliver superior service when it comes to internationals.

With FedEx, if there’s ever a problem, you don’t hear about it until the next day. But with FGX, they call immediately with any problems.

My best story about FGX is that I don’t have a story. I’ve been in this business for fifteen years. Every company I’ve used has a story, but not with FGX. They get the job done.”

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